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image334255981 The Broadcasting Authority Secretariat


The BA is supported by Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority (TELA). It discharges its executive functions through the Commissioner for Television and Entertainment Licensing (CTEL) who is the Principal Executive Officer of the BA by statute. The Broadcasting Division of TELA also serves as the BA's Secretariat. TELA also carries out the various functions of the BA through its Content Regulation Sub-division, Licence Administration Sub-division, and Competition and Support Sub-division. The work of these sub-divisions involves:

  1. the processing of public complaints about television and radio;
  2. the publication of the complaints processed by the BACC and those processed by CTEL on the Authority's website so as to keep the public informed of the standards and decisions of the BA;
  3. the processing of applications by licensees for exemptions from their licence conditions;
  4. the review and drafting of codes of practice for television and radio;
  5. the licensing of non-domestic and other licensable television programme services and the review of licences;
  6. the conducting of media talks to students on the basic provisions governing television broadcast and to parents, on how to make informed viewing choices for their children;
  7. the collection of public opinion on matters relating to television and radio through meetings with the public advisory groups, scientific surveys, and public hearings;
  8. the research on overseas practices and the monitoring of technical and regulatory developments; and
  9. the enforcement of regulations related to programming on a day-to-day basis.